The Best T20 Cricket Games for Android Users

The Best T20 Cricket Games for Android Users

With the Asia Cup underway, people are getting busy watching all of these cricket matches and gearing up for the final show of the T20 cricket World Cup later this year. The sport has jumped into full throttle after the stagnation due to the COVID infection and does not look like it will stop anytime soon. 

Online games took over the world during the COVID episode and made some grueling changes in how people now view the game of cricket. More people started to take an interest, and slowly new cricket fans poured in on the game due to rising popularity, which had not happened in such volume in the past.

Let’s check out some of the best online games on Android that lets you enjoy T20 like no other app in the market. 

Real Cricket 20

This is one of the most popular games on Android and is loved by all kinds of players of cricket games. You get an experience of real cricket through playing this game, and the intuitive controls make it even a better experience than what you have played earlier. Almost all international teams are available in this game, and regular updates shuffle the players as the roster is rebuilt and adjusted according to the official playing team.

If you have a penchant for skill games and excellent gameplay, this game is the perfect one that will set you in the mood the right way and keep you glued to the T20 action on your Android device.

MPL Fantasy Cricket

This is one of the best forms of fantasy cricket and is highly rated by people across the Indian subcontinent. The graphics are exceptional, and you will get the best game experience through the exciting animation and team-building capabilities you are allowed to perform in the game. MPL has a highly organized structure and gives you all information about the current games going on the market so that you are prepared at every instance with the latest news and can build your team with solid players.

The newly introduced world T20 fantasy league is made to match the upcoming games’ thrill. In this new version, you can make more fantasy teams and become better players than you were before, so it is advised that you do not waste any time and get on with this app right away, so you have the edge over the players who make way into the game later. 

T20 Cricket Champions 3D

As the name suggests, the game is focused on the T20 style of cricket, and players have downloaded the app over 10 million times which explains how good it is. The gameplay is smooth, and you can play it with your favorite stars like Sachin Tendulkar, Steven Smith, Jos Butler and Dinesh Kartik. The 3D animation is unique, and you get one of a kind experience with the 3D nature of the screen where characters pop out. The controls are easy to learn once you are in the game, and you will be accustomed to them after playing many matches. Just be ready to read all the instructions and regulations before downloading the game so that you are well versed with the events in the game and can play accordingly. 

World Cricket Battle 2

This is a fantastic T20 cricket game that you can enjoy on the phone and has a million downloads, and fans worldwide love to enjoy it on their Android screens. To play the game, you must buy players at the auction, much like in real life and become your franchise owner. Pick your favorite players across the board and build a strong team that no one can defeat, and you are all set to go. The rules and ways to play are all straightforward and make you dive into the game once you have acquired all the knowledge, which is pretty simple and explained in every stage of the game.

You can get the game on the top charts of google play, and after a few seconds of easy installation, you are all set to enjoy it with friends or primarily with rivals you meet online. 

Stick Cricket Super League

This is a fun and comical version of cricket where you get to enjoy the game of cricket in a crazy animated fashion. The game has fantastic reviews because of its intriguing gameplay and unique virtual experience. You can enjoy the game in the best short T20 format, where you can bat and bowl in the most innovative ways and learn a few skills. The only thing difficult about the game is leveling up your players; it takes a lot of practice and grinding through many games to get to that stage. You have to defeat many players to get the best experience level, and then you can improve the quality of players you have on your team. 

The best advice for playing Stick cricket is to keep your head calm no matter what and improve on your gameplay daily so that you can build a stronger team to rise in the online scoreboards and declare yourself a worthy Stick Cricket player.

Final Words

Cricket is a fascinating game with a vast range of audience devoted fans of the T20 format. This new format of T20 emerged as an addictive cricket mode in the 2000s and has recaptured more people’s attention to the game. The games on the list are sure to keep you playing for hours but keep in mind that the clock is ticking, so try and be productive with other work too and not be absorbed in your phone screens.

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